The Annual General Meeting of Vidya Bharati Tripura took place at Tripura University


The event was marked by the presence of several distinguished guests and members of the organization.

Dr. Jagadindra Ray Chaudhury, Secretary of Vidya Bharati Purvottar Kshetra, attended as the Chief Guest, while Dr. Pawan Tiwari, Organizing Secretary of Vidya Bharati Purvottar Kshetra, was the Guest of Honour. The meeting was further honored by the presence of Prof. Ganga Prasad Prasain, Vice Chancellor of Tripura University, and Dr. Deepak Sharma, Registrar of Tripura University.

Dhirendra Kalai, the current President, presided over the meeting. During the proceedings, Prof. Milan Rani Jamatia was elected as the new President of Vidya Bharati Tripura, and Subhas Ganchaudhuri was elected as the Secretary.

The meeting was well-attended, with a total of 52 members from the Executive Committee and the School Managing Committee participating. Discussions centered around the organization’s future plans and strategies for enhancing educational initiatives across Tripura.

The AGM provided a platform for members to review the past year’s activities, discuss key issues, and plan for the future. The newly elected leaders, Prof. Milan Rani Jamatia and Subhas Ganchaudhuri, expressed their commitment to advancing the mission of Vidya Bharati in the region.

Overall, the event was a significant step towards strengthening the organization’s efforts in promoting education and cultural values in Tripura.

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